Integrated BIM modelling for the Pharmaceutical industry

3D’s approach to BIM for the pharmaceutical industry provides the possibility of working on a single platform with cutting-edge technology on integrated projects (civil works, MEP and piping) that takes in modeling, documentation, measurements, construction coordination and follow-up, among others.


We handle projects with a specialized team that is experienced in real projects, including management, project management, help desk (support and content), and a large team of modelers, drafters and our own infrastructure.



MEP modelling for construction

Integrated modeling – and specifically MEP modeling in the tertiary sector – is fundamental for construction coordination. Anticipating conflicts in a prior phase enables economic savings and excellent build execution.

Presenting BIM documentation is becoming a requirement: with A3D it becomes added value.


BIM modelling for Civil Works

Civil works modeling allows designs to be correctly validated and generates a 3D database that includes the measurements in any phase of the project, from the basic up to the executive project, including monitoring during the construction process.

Quality architectural modeling also lays the foundations for rapidly obtaining documentation of all types, including aesthetic (renders), dynamic (video) or immersive (virtual reality) visualization.


BIM modelling for public spaces

Where nothing is flat, such as in urban environment projects, and comprehensive control is needed of slopes, volumetric elements – superficial, lineal or intermittent – A3D has developed a specific BIM solution that can provide an effective response in all project phases.


This is possible largely thanks to the auxiliary BIM content for monitoring geometry and urban elements, used in coordination with underground networks and personalized programming to address specific design processes.


Piping documentation

The documentation related to piping for the pharmaceutical industry must be accurate, clear, and buildable. We have developed our own methodology, backed up by programming support to generate all the specific documentation.


A3D has proven experience in piping documentation, including BIM isometric plans, which are updated in parallel with the progress of the modeling and of the technical sketches.


Construction Documentation

An integrated BIM model allows specific documentation to be created for construction up to any level of detail desired, including exploded drawings and coordination plans.

BIM methodology adapts perfectly to a project’s documentation needs by being easily verifiable and updatable. At A3D we rely on our construction experience and our extensive content library to guarantee the quality, reliability and accuracy of the plans and data generated.


BIM library and custom content creation


Good BIM content is crucial for the correct development of a model, as it is the main information unit in this methodology. 


A3D creates fully optimized content for the modeler, which is tested in all system types. We generate custom parametric content for our clients, designed to allow a fast, agile and intuitive workflow with the required level of detail.


Support staff (Outsourcing)

Adapting to our customers’ workflow and methodology is essential in order to ensure quality, efficiency and effective communication for all purposes.

If a project requires side-by-side work with the client, A3D has a specialized, scalable outsourcing BIM team that can switch rapidly between workplaces to provide 100% performance wherever needed.


3D Laser Scanner Services & As-built BIM

As-built BIM models are increasingly requested during construction to guarantee consistency between the built and the planned, with the aim of avoiding and resolving problems during construction, coordinating the various technical teams and installers, and pre-empting any problems that may arise during construction. BIM surveys of pre-existing buildings are also emerging out of the need for a precise and reliable record of technical equipment in order to ease facility and building management and any potential future modifications.

A3D has experience in this field and the human and technical capacity to generate precise BIM models of buildings in construction or already built by using point clouds and/or 3D photos where needed.

BIM Management

BIM is synonymous with collaboration. Establishing communication internally or with collaborators and laying down the rules for using the different models is to speak the same language. Management and coordination are essential parts of a data-based technical methodology.

After 10 years of consolidated experience in the BIM field, and after having deployed our methodology in dozens of engineering studios and offices, we can guarantee that our working method provides an ordered and consolidated work structure. 


BIM consulting and implementation

Today no one is indifferent to the world of BIM: software consolidation and future legal reforms are pushing more and more professionals to adapt to this methodology and to embrace all the advantages that it can offer in their specific fields.

BIM Consultancy, and the implementation of its methodology in engineering studios and offices is one of our most experienced field of service, supporting companies of all kind and sizes in incorporating or migrating technology, forming teams and in general assisting our clients in any BIM related initiative that they decide embark on.

Automation and Dynamo 

With Revit’s advance as a standard working tool, many companies have sought to go beyond what the software can offer in order to meet their needs. Dynamo allows Revit to adapt to any kind of task and automate or facilitate data collection, complex models or any other specific task required.

Our solutions with Dynamo are consolidated in real projects and have proven to be an ideal investment for reducing costs and shortening the deadlines of projects of great technical or human complexity.