BIM: An economic challenge

Spanish economic context

Evaluate the profitability of the BIM in Spain is, really, evaluate the Spanish construction market. This market is defined after the crisis by two factors: The little profit margin and the low investment capacity of the companies. 


After the construction bubble of the beginning of the century XXI, we can find an oversized sector in companies and staff. The consequent imbalance between supply and demand has generated a price war often forcing to offer below the cost.


This problem feeds to the second factor: Without generating benefits, without economic security mattress after the crisis, and without facilities to access credit lines, propose non-recoverable investments in the short run is dangerous, for many companies, and directly unaffordable for others.


Linking the two factors is obtained the main argument for the companies, to don´t move to BIM: Thay can transfer the cost of the implantation, at the project price, because they lose competitiveness, and they can´t take the investment in long-term because they haven´t got enough capacity.


In A3D have a wide experience with this situation, and we know how to find the complex balance between cost and investments for companies of any scale can assume it.






Cost relation


The graphic reflects information based in our experience along 10 years implanting BIM in companies of any scale. A successful implantation implies, an important dedication of non-productive hours after the implantation.

Don´t consider this proportion, may mean, don´t meet the expectations, and that the BIM doesn´t become a competitive tool in short term.

Human investment : Implantation,                        dedication

The implantation is only a little part of the cost of the migration to BIM. Also, is an expense very scalable, and can be made online too.


The dedication is, the most important part of the process, and it´s presented in many modes: the practice after formation classes, the content generation, templates and processes, assume an efficiency descent in the firsts projects.


For A3D the key is that BIM staff start with real projects ( and billables) in BIM during the implantation. The formation hours become billable hours, affecting the investment BIM of the projects.

 Technological investment: Software                    and hardware

The technological investment is possibly the most simple to understand: You have to acquire the specific software to work in BIM, and this software (based in 3D models in its totality practice) requires more powerful workstations than the conventional 2D delineation.


However, this investment is very optimizable. Regarding the hardware, and adequate configuration of the workstation, reduce in large part, the extra cost. And regarding the software, the actual package system of software allows saving costs, and also, the possibility of rent it for months, help to be a project expense.








 Success cases

To know the profitability of the step to BIM is very important to know the periods of the implantation: How long will take equalize the efficiency of the conventional methodology, and which will be the final improvement when BIM be fully implanted.


 Batlle i Roig made and ambitious BIM implementation that finished in 2015 after 6 months of joint work with A3D, although the full implementation takes 22 months for the company, to adapt to the production needs. 21 professionals were trained, in 4 groups. Since then, their increase in efficiency has been notable, and it has become one of the reference architecture offices in Barcelona.


JG Ingenieros is one of the principals Spanish engineries. In 2008, with A3D, started a great BIM implantation where were formed 52 professionals in 6 groups of 5 different headquarters, in a stepped formative process that lasted, 2 years. Actually, JG Ingenieros, take projects of any size with this methodology.


BIS Estructures is an en engineering specialized in construction. Between 2014 and 2015, with A3D, did a BIM implantation, specialized in structures, based in 2 active projects that lasted 7 months. Were formed, 5 professionals.


Construcía is a building company specialized in retail, Lean construction, and circular economy.

Since February of 2018, A3D is doing a BIM implantation in 2 headquarters a the same time ( Barcelona and Madrid ) that will form 90 professionals. 


AMB is a public entity that does edification and town planning projects for the town halls of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. Since 2016 is being carried out a BIM implantation that will end with the formation of more than 120 professionals and will convert to AMB one of the first great public organization that works in BIM.